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Welcome to Prom Dresses Center. We are glad to bring you the vast collection of colorful, attractive and sexy prom dresses. We have arranged them under range of categories defined by their price tag making it very convenient for you to search for a prom dress as per your budget. For example, we have categories like Prom Dresses 2015 Under $100, Prom Dresses Under $100, Prom Dresses Under $200, Prom Dresses Under $300, Prom Dresses Under $1000, Prom Dresses 2015 Under $300, Prom Dresses Under $250, Prom Dresses 2015 Under $200 and Prom Dresses 2015 Under $150. If you are looking for Cheap Prom Dresses, they are available under $50, $100, $150 and $200. For price conscious buyers, we have stock of prom dresses on sale. Latest dresses can be found at prom dresses. So why not start looking for your best deal just right now.

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Prom Dresses Knowledge Center

Tips When Picking Your Prom Dresses

If there is one event that may be considered a highlight during high school, then it would very likely be the prom. Naturally, for the girl the most important part is being asked to go, but after that everything is about sifting through all of the dresses available and finding the perfect one. Once the prom dress has been found, the rest is easy, such as hair, makeup and prom shoes. After all, being true to high school form, all of the girls will be "judged" by what they wear..more

Prom Dresses Under 100 Dollars Are a Smart Choice For the Difficult Economy

Can you believe that the total bill for a prom nowadays can add up to $1,000 or more? Think about the cost of doing your nails, renting a limo, doing your hair just right, taking pictures, getting the right shoes, etc, etc, etc. Your head will probably hurt from thinking about it and so will your wallet. How can you afford all of this...? You can because there's actually tons of prom dresses under 100 dollars to choose from, so that part of the expense ...more

Prom Gown Trends for 2015 - Never Miss Out on Glam Styles

The present season calls for dresses that are classy, elegant and flowing and we cannot miss out on the amazing range of new arrivals in stock. Do it, please, if not done till now. This is what you will probably be hearing now. It is never too late. Online shopping destinations are now winding up their last-minute sale of some of the best attires for prom 2015...more

Buy A Prom Dress to Fit Your Body Style!

What exactly is Prom? The definition might vary depending on who you talk to. There is no official History of Prom, but there are many tales, beliefs and traditions surrounding the practice which can be shared. For some prom is a night that girls prepare for their entire high school year, waiting for that special moment when they can shop for formal prom dresses and show off their gorgeous attire at the dance that honors their high school career...more

How to Avoid Pink Prom Dresses From Looking Disastrous

Do you want to know how to avoid looking like a flower girl or bridesmaid in your pink prom dress? Presumably you want to exude sophistication and elegance, not look like a little girl. If so, please read on to find out exactly what you need to do...more

Buying a Prom Dress Online

Buying a prom dress online is a completely different experience than physically going to a store. One reason is gas money. Going to a local store can eat up tons of gas, increasing your total cost. You might also have to waste a whole evening in several different stores trying to find the perfect prom dress. For some, this might seem like an arduous task, but now that the internet is available, people are jumping at the chance to buy online...more

How To Wear A Short Prom Dress

Although, the long, flowing dress is the traditional one, you can wear a short prom dress and still look elegant during a prom night. For ideal results you need to put these tips into consideration ...more

Hot Sexy Prom Dresses For Prom Night

Are you trying to choose that hot sexy prom dress for that special night? Do you want to make a sexy impact on your prom night? With so many choices you've got a big decision. First you need to decide what's hot and sexy for you. There's nothing in here for shy little wallflowers. The next step is to decide on a color. Do you go with the most popular colors? Or will you choose something that stands out in the crowd? Say, something unique like orange, yellow or lime green. Some of the ...more

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